Monday, September 12, 2022

Updated article on email management!

The email management article posted on this website was written c.2016.

Recently I realized that although my basic recommendations have not changed, some of the details have.

(Drum roll..................)

The updated version

To pique your interest, these are the four sections:

  1. Strategies for reducing email distraction.
  2. A method for processing new messages.
  3. A folder system for storing messages related to current projects and events.
  4. Tips for composing better email messages.

And if you missed them, here are my posts addressing specific email problems:

 Some thoughts on preventing email backlogs.

A method for responding to emails you have deferred.

Want to spend LESS time on email?  Give it MORE attention!

FAQ: How do I deal with expectations that I will instantly respond to incoming emails?

and finally, although this is not just about email...

"Do I need to get caught up before I can make changes?"

That's all folks! 

(This sign-off is a "generation test."  Do you know the original?)